Your Data’s Resolution for 2019: I will work harder for you

Individuals often make New Years’ resolutions like to get fit or save money. But what about a company, do they make resolutions? Most companies review and revise their goals annually. Just like individual’s they evaluate what worked / what didn’t and how they can improve. I suggest a top company “resolution” in 2019 should be to make your data work harder.

In 2018, a growing number of companies embarked on a digital transformation journey automating their business processes and thereby capturing more data. Not uncommon, this data transmits in numerous forms. Some enterprises use formats for data exchange such as X12, CIDX, flat files, ANSI, EDI. Others use digital connectivity channels specifically around HTTPS, sFTP, AS2. In addition, email and mobile phone usage continue to grow. Nowadays, there are even devices talking to each other exchanging data. The challenge for a company is taking disparate data and making it meaningful.

At Elemica, we consider ourselves the architect of a solid foundation that enables our client’s digital initiatives. This foundation is built off a data-driven architecture that remove the barriers such as form and network, unlocking the power that intelligent visibility data can provide.

Our platform captures this data from customers, buyers, suppliers, and logistics providers regardless of the format it was transmitted. We clean the data converting it to our universal business document data model. All that data coming in from disparate sources and different channels is converted into a unique structure that is common. This drives a specific domain language that is completely reusable across all the different processes.

Going beyond the traditional paradigm of integration we then link and aggregate cleansed data across different processes. This cleansed and now linked data is sent back into our clients’ systems through APIs. The data that is transmitted back via this powerful patented technology can be used for analytics delivering intelligent visibility in terms of logistics, order management and fulfillment. Our clients’ ability to learn from this data, feed the need for better predictability and enable more data analysis is how the Elemica technology helps your data work harder for you.

The data can also interoperate with third-party data, such as weather or risk information to enrich analytics for more informed predictions, such as what can happen if a port is closed. The data can now enable machine learning capabilities that ultimately provides holistic decision-making capabilities and enables customer concentricity to maximize the value for all supply chain trading partners.

So as we start off the New Year and you consider your goals (as the boss looms overhead), think about a world where the data works harder, so you don’t have too.