Would you like fries with that burger?

Supply chain issue results in the unplanned consumption of a Big Mac

I rolled out of a doctor’s appointment feeling hungry, so I decided to grab a healthy meal. As I was driving, the Golden Arches appeared. Suddenly, a burger, fries, and soda seemed like an even better idea. Approaching the counter, my favorite, the swiss mushroom burger, was at the top of the menu in clear view, so I ordered it.

As I was paying, a frazzled manager rushed over and said I had to order something else as they were out of mushrooms. I was aghast. How could McDonald’s run out of food? Was there an unscheduled parade? A busload of mushroom loving tourists that just finished eating? So I asked, and he said, “the truck with mushrooms didn’t arrive this morning.” I wanted to dig in, but held my tongue – “does McDonald’s have dedicated mushroom trucks”, ‘if that’s the case why aren’t you short on other ingredients’, ‘when is the truck scheduled to arrive’, ‘do you need to change your order quantity for tomorrow’, ‘are you experiencing shrinkage of your inventory’.

Not wanting to further frazzle him with questions during the lunch rush, I ordered a Big Mac meal.

The questions remain, and I got to thinking… does McDonald’s have a system to predict and respond to raw material shortages whether caused by product or transportation problems? The order might look good in the system, but without tying that data to the inbound transportation status, you might not know until it is too late that you can’t fulfill customer orders as expected.

Solving a problem like this is behind the Elemica Pulse application. Elemica Pulse is an end-to-end supply chain visibility and monitoring solution for enterprise and service provider networks that discovers physical and virtual inventories and logical overlays. Elemica Pulse combines the Elemica Digital Supply Network with a rules-based event management engine and machine-learning algorithms to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and exception management. Quickly discover exceptions and mitigate risks before they occur using predictive intelligence capitalizing on the data in the network for you

In the case of McDonald’s Elemica Pulse could tie together order and transportation data to help ensure that you can consistently supply your customers – and I wouldn’t be still craving that swiss mushroom burger.