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Bringing powerful connections to your supply chain pays—and it’s not as complicated as you might think. Reach out to an Elemica consultant and see how you can start transforming your supply chain today.

The Benefits of Partnership

There are a number of reasons to become an Elemica partner. For starters, we are much stronger and more compelling together, given what we each bring to the table. Both of our companies can reach a wider audience and expand our respective circles of influence. It’s just good business.

Here's what you can count on:

Compelling referral commissions based on subscription

Added value to your core ERP offering, positioning you to win more business

Potential new revenue streams

Visibility on Elemica’s partner page

Comprehensive partner onboarding, product training and sales enablement

Opportunity to be a member of Elemica’s partner advisory council

The Referral Process

Identify, Qualify, Engage, Implement

How does it work? It’s a simple 4-step process. You will identify a prospect with gaps in their current supply chain processes. You will then register the lead on This is the qualification step, where an Elemica representative will respond to help you determine appropriate solutions.

When you then engage the prospect, Elemica will operate as an extension of your direct sales effort including project scoping, demonstration, etc. Then, once a deal is closed, Elemica will work with you and the client to implement solutions.

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Here are a few of our partners.

Together we are making powerful connections.

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