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Bringing powerful connections to your supply chain pays—and it’s not as complicated as you might think. Reach out to an Elemica consultant and see how you can start transforming your supply chain today.

The Elemica Network

Elite business performance takes the right connections.

That’s why Elemica customers plug into a powerful supply chain network that includes some of the most influential and innovative companies in the world.

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Powerful Connections

Oil and Gas

Elemica is the $3.94T chemical industry’s dominant digital supply chain network. Born from the efforts of a multinational Fortune 500 chemical enterprise to optimize mission-critical business functions, our solutions have brought streamlined Supply Chain 4.0 practices to chemical enterprises worldwide.

Connecting and optimizing the supply chain network of major and super-major oil and gas operators was a natural progression from the chemical industry. Today we work closely with the biggest names in energy to help them streamline and save, so they can deliver operationally amidst increasing corporate and regulatory pressure.

Some of the world’s leading automotive suppliers trust the Elemica network for more confidence—and more competitive advantage. Our platform processes tens of thousands of auto industry transactions daily as clients leverage real-time supply chain connectivity to get ahead.

Our core foundation in the chemical space makes the Elemica network a perfect fit for helping streamline supply chains in the pharmaceutical space. Connecting with Elemica helps pharma companies lower overhead, streamline regulatory compliance, reduce sourcing risk and improve market responsiveness.

What does the Elemica network add to your supply chain?

Partner Collaboration

Save time and money through automated communications and transactions that accelerate collaborative workflows outside of the enterprise.

Supply Chain Resilience

Build more strength and flexibility into your supply chain with trading partners that are interconnected to bring you more options for everyday transactions.

Improved Digitization

Digitize and automate a greater percentage of your supply chain by replacing manual tasks with digital, interconnected workflows.

Carrier Connections

Give your customers and facilities more options by plugging into hundreds of carriers around the world, improving customer service and carrier value.

More Visibility

Help take the guesswork out of numerous supply chain functions by getting real-time digital information from connected trading partners.

Sourcing Redundancy

Help protect your facilities and customers from sourcing issues by plugging into a vast, existing network of proven suppliers.