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Water brand experienced 30 percent demand growth within two years

While a handful were connected via EDI, many customers required manual entry

Phone or email orders received, inventory checked, entered into ERP

Legacy process inefficient, but this new growth overwhelmed the process


Automated the entry of sales orders into SAP for long-tail buyers

Platform captured and verified order data prior to entry

Standardized data in disparate formats from buyers around the world

Applied configurable business rules based on customer, product, etc.


Relieved of order entry, team could focus on customer experience

Improved service levels through more order visibility

Order entry accuracy was a improved, protecting customer service

Could invest time in logistical and inventory improvements

Tired of your team being mired down in endless order entry? Want to take customer service, business growth and operational efficiencies to the next level? See how Elemica can help through the automation of Sales Order Processing.