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Portfolio of brands includes worlds’ most recognizable adult beverages

Many long-tail, non-EDI customers required manual order entry into SAP

Order management fragmented by different regions, countries and processes

Excessive time spent updating customers on product shortages or status


Implemented an advanced non-EDI sales order processing solution

Touchless capture, processing and entry of order data into ERP

Standardization of order management processes, Infrastructure and data

Automated customer emails regarding shortages or order status


More time for proactive problem- solving and customer engagement

Staff better able to focus on improving On Time In Full (OTIF)

Improved employee morale via fewer boring, repetitive tasks

Fractionalized processing cycle time for sales order entry or queries

50 %

Increase in touchless order automation

33 %

Reduction in manual
data entry

3 Hours

saved per customer communicating shortages

Ready to free your team from repetitive, error-prone manual processing? Want to standardize the way orders are processed across your supply chain worldwide? Read more about how Elemica can automate everyday tasks to help transform supply chain efficiency.