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Complex supply chain with numerous languages, products and processes

Wanted to improve order accuracy for better customer service

Global effort to lean resources and streamline business processes

Wanted to consolidate fulfilment at a centralized distribution center in the UK


Centralized digital platform that integrated and automated order fulfilment

Leveraged technology to standardize multi-channel, multi-platform data

Enabled digital connection and capture of order and inventory information

Put tools in place to improve order-related data monitoring and analysis


Redeployed personnel from fulfilment to new business support roles

Reduced order errors and improved customer service KPIs

Successfully consolidated order fulfilment to a single center

Lowered overhead relating to order fulfilment in general

93 %

Level of total automation


Work hours saved

18 %

12-month automation increase

Need to lean up your order-to-cash process? Looking for ways to work more efficiently and make better use of resources and capital? See how Elemica can help through the smart application of supply chain automation.