What is “Customer Delight” and how can we measure it?

Today’s global marketplace demands more from a business than merely satisfying the customer.  We need to provide customer delight to win loyalty and to expand market share.

Past sales representatives relied on satisfying a traditional customer; one who demanded that the product be delivered in full and on time. Today, customers are expanding their demands in terms of what they expect for their loyalty. It is crucial that businesses understand what motivates their customers and meet their varying expectations.

These new expectations can be loosely grouped into three types of customers:

  1. Demands superior customer service; digital tools are an essential means to provide feedback
  2. Demands professionalism, to know they are getting the best possible product or service; want the best available digital tools
  3. Demands innovation; wants cutting edge digital tools that provide customization and personalization of products and services

So, how can we use digitization to maximize customer delight?

All of these different types of customers want to know that they are getting the best you have to offer. Since their interests and concerns differ, your sales reps and customer service staff need to know and understand these customers in depth.  With no-touch automation systems there is always the issue of losing contact with the client.

Your company will benefit by giving back time gained through automation by allowing sales reps and customer service reps to increase their touch points with a client. An excellent way to learn what these touch points should include is to survey your key customer service reps and clients to learn what they wish they could offer if they had increased time to work together.

Offer your customers digitization that meets and even exceeds their particular expectations. For the customer that wants to know their order is filled promptly and completely and will be delivered on time, that will include tracking from order entry through processing to shipping and delivery.  On the other hand, a customer that values innovation will want to know if you can meet their customization and/or personalization needs, and have possible access to peer reviews and company strategy.  A customer that values superior customer service may benefit from micro business rules for alerts, receiving valuable data that has been tailored to their company’s needs.

Finally, you will need to ensure that your sales and customer service staff know and understand all your company’s digital assets and client needs.  Time that your company invests in this training will pay off in knowledgeable staff able to match your services and products to individual customers to win customer delight and loyalty.

A business that wants to provide superior customer service can be in control of the customer experience through a mix of supply chain visibility and time to engage with the customer.

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