WEBINAR: Product and Services Innovation Using Digital Transformation


Driving new products and services into the market is a key growth strategy, which can be capitalized into revenue growth and larger margins when the organisation is first to market. New product introduction (NPI) success can be achieved through a digital transformative business model, enabled through collaboration with logistics partners, customers and suppliers using a Digital Supply Network.

Hear ARC Advisory share how innovation and coordinated collaboration streamlines the go-to-market launch process and the importance of a digital supply network:

  • Obtain more value and quicker growth through the new product introduction process
  • Optimize manufacturing and value chains to make sure products reach clients when planned
  • Achieve advantages of a Digital Supply Network for your growth and innovation initiatives
  • Create a checklist of the before and after NPI integration considerations

Take away Elemica lessons on connecting, automating, anticipating and eventually transforming new business models for NPI growth. Understand the implications of these initiatives on how you sell, buy, move and see your new products and services through these transformed supply chains.

  • Understand the role of master data management in the NPI process
  • Combine trading partners using a low-risk and fast integration approach
  • Optimize your NPI processes using a Digital Supply Network
  • Leverage industry experience

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