WEBINAR: Pivoting to End-to-End Market Driven Value Networks

Using Emerging Digital Enablers to Pivot from Supply-driven to End to End Market-driven Value Networks

Manufacturing and service companies are moving from traditional supply-driven operations to end to end demand-driven and customer-focused operating models. The pivot is not trivial; especially with existing complexity and emerging digital capabilities now in the equation. The challenge is no longer just technology related; it is an integrative transformation of people, process, and technology capabilities and one that requires business and IT collaboration, and not just technology leadership!


Hear Roddy Martin, Global Supply Chain, and Digital Operating Model Thought Leader, share insight on the following topics:

  • Why transform your supply chain and why now?
  • Why do you need to think about your 1-5 stage of capabilities?
  • What approaches are leaders taking to these transformations?
  • What enabling role can Digital Operating Models and platform approaches play in the transformation?
  • What does good look like and what have leaders achieved?
  • What are the fundamental takeaways?

Elemica’s Director of Global Marketing, David Cahn, will speak of why companies able to design and deploy customer-driven digital supply networks are winning in the marketplace!

  • Value of emerging digital platforms
  • The benefit of enabling end-to-end operational agility of the business
  • Client success stories



Roddy Martin
Roddy Martin
Global Supply Chain and Digital Operating Model Thought Leader

David Cahn
David Cahn
Director of Global Marketing

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When: Tuesday, September 25
Time: 10:00 AM – 10:30 AM

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