Webinar: Customer Experience and the Multi Channel Challenge

How to enhance delighted customers without overburdening Customer Services.

Webinar Hosted By: CHEManager

Featured Presenter: Simon Hardy, Elemica’s Director of Customer Solutions and Customer Engagement

Date: November 13

Time: 3 p.m. (CET)


Key Learning Objectives:
In this webinar you learn how having a multichannel strategy can give control back to Customer Services allowing them to move up the value chain. Removing the need for them to be “data entry clerks” and allowing them to be “customer advocates”.

You will learn:

  • That there is not a one size fits all
  • That you will need to engage with a few partners (one will not work, but you do not need 20)
  • That there are SaaS companies who have decades of experience in this space (you don’t need a start-up)

Who should attend the webinar:
Anyone responsible for Customer Services, Customer Experience or Customer Engagement strategies

  • Customer Services Management
  • OTC Process Owners
  • Sales & Marketing IT Strategists

Over the last two decades, customers that buy chemicals are increasingly asking suppliers’ customer service to manage their requests through multiple channels – from classic EDI to current API’s, from in-house portals to procurement hubs, from faxes to emails. On the flip side, this same supplying organization is trying to control access, through user self-service portals and ordering applications. This creates a time and talent squeeze in customer service. How do you enhance the customer experience and increase customer delight, while managing the standardization requirements to interact with a modern supply chain?

The answer is to have a Multi-Channel approach to collaboration that eases the day-to-day interactions between suppliers and buyers while improving (and maybe overhauling) non-standard interconnections.

This webinar will discuss different strategies and solutions that are available to manage the challenge of having to manually log into customer portals for orders and invoices, and then review, and have to re-key orders, invoices, confirmations, and ship notices into their ERP solution.