WEBINAR: 21st Century Operational Excellence, Achievable without Digital Transformation?

To succeed in the process manufacturing industry marketplace, supply chain executives realize that digital transformation of the supply chain is a key step in the journey to operational excellence. However, many companies are challenged to successfully cross the digital divide and achieve pervasive automation and intelligent visibility, leading to greater efficiencies, less risk, and improved profits. Learn from a leading supply chain analyst and a tier-1 organization how other organizations made the transition.

Hear Adelante SCM and Talking Logistics founder Adrian Gonzalez share why digital transformation is so important now and its impact on traditional supply chain planning concepts.

Take away Elemica examples from leading clients on connecting, automating, anticipating and eventually transforming to new business models that drive lasting operational excellence and competitive advantage. Understand the implications of these initiatives on how you sell, buy, move and see your new products and services through these transformed supply chains.