Supply & Demand Chain Executive to Host Webcast on Blockchain Featuring Elemica

While there’s no lack of interest in blockchain’s potential in the supply chain, many are questioning when the highly publicized proof of concepts and pilot tests will move to real-world applications. A panel of industry thought leaders share candid assessments of where blockchain technology is today and when the industry will begin to see substantial forward progress in the supply chain.

This Supply & Demand Chain Executive webcast will feature Elemica’s Chief Technology Officer, Arun Samuga.  Arun is a 2005 MBA graduate from Georgia State University with a graduate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology. Promoted to CTO in 2018, Arun leads Elemica’s global development organization. Arun and his team are responsible for the continued development of new software products and solutions. Arun has been with Elemica for over 16 years in roles of VP Research and Development and Director of Supply Chain integration projects.

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When: Wednesday, March 20
Time: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Where: Webcast (EST)