The ROI and Value of Digitized Procure-to-Pay

As digital transformation sweeps across the globe, procurement departments are looking to use technology to improve efficiency spanning the procure-to-pay process. What impact does digitization of the inbound supply chain really have on hard cost savings, working capital, and revenue? In this webinar learn from Procurement Analyst firm leader, Spend Matters, and client examples from Elemica on addressing the hard questions:

  • How much is digitization really contributing to operating expense reduction?
  • What does an automated P2P process do for my working capital?
  • Can I really capture more discounts than I am today?
  • How long does it typically take for payback period savings and how should it be measured?
  • Am I saving anything in expedited freight costs; rejects; tariffs; or penalties for late payments?

Additionally ROI from soft benefits from digitization will be discussed:

  • Does increased process transparency really help me spot potential direct material bottlenecks?
  • Will I be able to manage fraud or supplier risk better with analytics?
  • How does it help me react to changes in contract compliance and regulatory issues quicker?
  • What will easier onboarding and improving collaboration between buyers and suppliers really achieve?

Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer, Managing Partner
Spend Matters

Omar Nadi, Director, Supplier Product Management