The Pursuit of Sustainability

Creating opportunity through Corporate Responsibility

Elemica and our clients have identified corporate responsibility as a significant future opportunity. Pursuing sustainability within manufacturing can help increase operational efficiency through the reduction of wastes and costs. Sustainability also helps to strengthen brand awareness and loyalty because buyers want to work with businesses that use environmentally-friendly practices.

Sourcing raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and transportation are all processes that can become “greener.”


Manufacturers can make changes in the raw materials they use and the products they produce to better protect the environment. Materials can be more environmentally sound and procurement processes can be automated to eliminate the use of paper.


In manufacturing, the focus for becoming more sustainable is to reduce pollution from industrial processes. The EPA defines this movement as Sustainable Manufacturing – “the creation of manufactured products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.” Green chemistry and sustainability create a new reality for chemistry and engineering by asking chemists and engineers to design chemicals, chemical processes and commercial products in a way that, at the very least, avoids the creation of toxins and waste.


Packaging can be made more sustainable by using recyclable materials or re-capturing packages for reuse. Chemical companies are making plastics that can be 100% recycled and reused. Pallets made of wood can be reused, along with cardboard boxes. In fact, the American Chemistry Council has made a commitment “to recycle or recover all plastic packaging used in the US by 2040.”


Carbon footprints and energy usage can be lowered by optimizing shipments and loads within transportation processes. By shipping with fuller trucks, businesses lower fuel usage when compared to making multiple shipments and increase efficiencies. Chemical companies are producing alternative fuels with lower carbon emissions, such as biofuels, propane, hydrogen and more.

The Importance of Connecting:

To further sustainability in your business, it is important to connect the supply chains of business and trading partners to gain visibility into what is happening up and down the value chain and to uncover opportunities to reduce waste and to promote green supply chain practices. A Digital Supply Network helps a company improve is adaptability and agility as more green initiatives are pursued.

Our clients and trading partners are connecting across our Digital Supply Network to co-innovate chemical processes that will prevent pollution, reduce waste, and lower demand on diminishing resources. By collaborating, manufacturers can co-create earth-friendly products to generate new revenue streams.

From a digitization perspective, the Elemica Digital Supply Network enables clients to reduce their usage of paper. The result of automating manual processes is lower resource requirements, which ultimately protects trees from deforestation. Electronic purchasing, customer order capture, and sourcing, transportation optimization, and shipment visibility are many of the green solutions that Elemica provides to help clients save fuel while driving sustainability.

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