Supply Chain Movement Publishes Supply Chain Subway Map 2019

Elemica is Uniquely Positioned in Supply Chain Movement’s Publication Supply Chain IT Metropolitan Subway Map for 2019

Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, makes its second appearance on the Supply Chain Metropolitan IT Subway Map from Supply Chain Movement.

The subway map shows all the key players on the supply chain software playing field. Elemica is the only Digital Supply Network (DSN) provider equipped with 4 subway lines for complete inter-business supply chain network execution and visibility: Order Management, Supply Chain Visibility, Shipment & Transport Execution Platforms, and E-Procurement.

The Elemica Digital Supply Network enables businesses to establish relationships with their trading partners around specific supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, move, and certify quality compliance through their supply chains.

Elemica has added new functionality this past year by introducing Elemica Quality, a quality management solution, which ensures that suppliers comply with the design specifications of their customer. Elemica also introduced zero disruptions with new SAP interoperability with SAP S/4HANA®  and SAP ERP as powered by SAP NetWeaver. Most recently, Elemica introduced Elemica ePOD, an electronic proof of delivery mobile application, helping to improve customer service and productivity.

Elemica Customer Portal Assistant includes a self- service data management solution. CPA allows suppliers to easily connect to the leading customer ordering portal solution providers or customer-specific portal networks and automate their order-to-cash process with their ERP.

Elemica also piloted a blockchain project with a major chemical manufacturer to test the ability to use blockchain to support a many-to-many architecture. Blockchain technology can be used to break supply chain data out of silos and reveal this information to all trading partners regardless of the network they are connected to.

Elemica provides additional visibility solutions that help process businesses successfully see across the digital divide and achieve pervasive automation and intelligent visibility, leading to greater efficiencies, less risk, and improved profits. Elemica Pulse, Trace, and Risk provide real-time shipment and risk visibility to customer service, transport planners and supply chain managers, allowing them to monitor and proactively manage the movement of products to customers and inbound to manufacturing centers.