QuickLink Email Sell

Key Features

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  • Quickly onboards customers without impacting IT staffs.
  • Eliminate spending time checking emails as automated orders are now integrated into your ERP Solution.
  • Manage the onboarding process using streamline communication.
  • Browser & responsive Mobile interface.
  • Print friendly options.
  • Support images and non-structured data formats.
  • Low cost, fast and easy customer on-boarding

As a Manufacturer you have alternative ways to join the Elemica Network based on your level of business with each customer you serve and the volume you provide with them. Additional integrative options enable you to move to advanced connection modes depending on each customer you serve when you are ready.

Increase customer satisfaction while generating more profit and revenue with alerting and visibility from customer order through invoice/payment. Automate the order capture of thousands of your customers.

  • Business Opportunity

    The benefits of customer automation are well understood:

    • Improved customer experience
    • Better working capital management
    • Faster receipt of demand signals
    • Increased market share and revenue
    • Lower cost to serve
  • Business Challenge

    The question is how to achieve these benefits without changing how your customer currently does business. Or requiring your customer to engage in an IT project.

    Many manufacturers are stuck with a small number of high volume customer’s automated and a long-tail of manual orders. Some customers have complex processes related to managing inventories in tanks or rail cars that are not supported by the ERP. Other just want to send in their orders via mail.

    Efforts to drive small and medium-sized customers to “Amazon-like” portals tend not to be successful. While customers will log on portals for documentation like test results and order status, they tend not to want to place orders for raw materials and packaging via a portal.

    Another issue is how to provide a consistent experience for customers globally when you have different transport providers and 3PLs each with their own shipment visibility solution.

  • Business Solution

    Elemica offers a global omni-channel solution that lets you integrate customer demand signals no matter how transmitted:

    • Electronic ERP orders
    • Delivery schedules
    • Email orders
    • Complex demand signals


    This set of capabilities allows the vast majority of customer orders to automatically be processed into your order processing system 24×7. This provides increased visibility and customer service staff can focus on serving customers versus fighting the order entry system.

    With Elemica QuickLink Email Sell, confirmed orders are automatically routed back to the Buyer’s ERP, resulting in:

    • No Costly integrations
    • No on-boarding barriers
    • Ability to scale as needed


    Additionally, receive order invoices from your customer automatically, ensuring validation of the proper quantity and your payment information. Allowing you to maintain an optimum level of inventory to mitigate your risk exposure and take advantage of early discounts.

Key Manufacturer Benefits

  • Increased visibility
  • Onboard all customers cost effectively
  • Completely digitize order processing
  • Faster receipt of demand signals
  • Reduced paper email/faxes
  • Eliminate time spent on expedited freight and keep production running

Key Customer Benefits

Customers have increased assurance that orders will be received, processed, and shipped on-time. When they send their orders to you by QuickLink Email OTC they receive back electronic order confirmations letting them know that their order was not lost. Additionally, you can send invoices digitally back to your customer in the same manner for faster payment processing.

  • Improve communication with customers
  • No IT costs for integration
  • No training
  • No lost passwords
  • Options to other connections when ready