QuickLink Email OCR

Key Features

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  • Extracts inbound customer orders from inbound fax and image documents
  • Extracts data for use with ERP order entry solutions
  • Extracts routing information and automatically delivers document to customer service
  • Convert image files to binary data. GIF, TIFF, PDF images, etc. to XML or EDI
  • Elemica does mapping and corrections
  • Multiple OCR engines. Engine is selected based on the customer order characteristics.
  • CSR review screen. Algorithms focus attention on potential conversion issues related to similar shapes having 8, B, I, l, !, 1, 0, O, etc.
  • Learning system. Resolution of image reading issues are codified in the system.
  • No complex ERP integrations.
  • Customer service focus.
  • No setting up automation tools or mapping customer documents.

Increase customer satisfaction while generating more profit and revenue with alerting and visibility from customer order through invoice/payment. Automate the order capture of thousands of your customers.

  • Business Opportunity

    The benefits of customer automation are well understood:

    • Improved customer experience
    • Better working capital management
    • Faster receipt of demand signals
    • Increased market share and revenue
    • Lower cost to serve
  • Business Challenge

    While most customer systems can export data in a readable format, some customers insist on sending image files to suppliers. Historically there were automation concerns receiving these types of orders due to the image to data conversion error rates. This meant these orders needed to continue to be manual and limited the automation value to both the customer and the seller

  • Business Solution

    Extract Useful Data from Documents with the Best OCR Text Recognition Software. The Elemica Optical Character Recognition Module combines optical character recognition (OCR) to extract data from the image of a business document entered as fax or scanned a document.

    How does OCR image recognition technology work? When scanned, faxed or emailed purchase orders from customers are received, they are processed via the Elemica OCR software solution. Elemica OCR engine translates image and text making them available for automated Order Entry into your ERP system.

    OCR is the process of extracting words (and possibly layout and formatting information) from image files such as faxes and PDFs attached to emails and converting them to text. After an image has been scanned into a computer, OCR software translates text images into real text that the computer can read. OCR works best on typed text, either in cases when an original printout has been missing or in scanning printed or typewritten sheets.

    The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Module allows image files to be digitized, and then further processed through QuickLink Email SELL. Customer service follows the same work process as traditional QuickLink Email SELL customers.

Key Benefits of QuickLink Email OCR

  • Your automation project does not require your customer to
    participate, therefore you can automate on your schedule.
  • Your customer can continue to communicate orders as they do
    today, and have it automatically processed into your system in real-time, 24×7
  • This instant demand visibility and error elimination let’s customer service focus on customer satisfaction and cross-selling.
  • Faster order processing: what previously took five to 30 minutes now takes two minutes or fewer
  • Increased accuracy: OCR, combined with machine learning technology, has boosted order entry accuracy.
  • Improved customer relationships: orders are now being received more quickly and accurately.
  • Bring accuracy, machine learning technology, and security to every order processed

Key Customer Benefits

Elemica digital transformation is an ideal solution for enabling customers to communicate orders in their language and have it automatically processed by your ERP in real-time, 24×7. Elemica transforms customer data received in various ways into a single format that you can process into your order entry.

This allows you to focus your efforts on customer service and improving your business processes versus data conversion.