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Elemica SELL Customer Management Suite - Automated Selling

Elemica Sell

Elemica Customer Management Suite

Key Features

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  • Error-free order entry
  • Visibility and reports
  • Connect in your language
  • Global capabilities
  • Converts different order formats automatically and posts to your ERP
  • Adapts to your customer’s process
  • Can be implemented without a customer project
  • Supports most order types including standard, consignments, schedule lines, and VMI
  • Supports most order formats – EDI, email, XML
  • Email alerts based on business rule exceptions
  • 24 x 7 x 365 processing
  • Automatic Confirmation
  • Auditability via a dashboard application

Increase customer satisfaction while generating more profit and revenue with alerting and visibility from customer order through invoice/payment.

Elemica provides solutions to automate the order capture of thousands of your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Improved “perfect order / OTIF” performance
  • Fewer operational errors in downstream processes
  • Optimize service levels and working capital
  • Supports customer technology and cost reduction initiatives without large IT spend
  • Improved supply chain reliability
  • Improved customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced invoice processing errors
  • Fewer missed or lost order lines
  • Better balance demand with constrained supply
  • Fewer customer stock outs
  • Increased technical and operational flexibility
  • Improved receivables performance, pricing accuracy and contract compliance
  • Eliminates customer service, credit, and inventory problems due to poor ERP data quality

    • ENRICH

      Delivering quality data to digitize your supply chain.ENRICH is a flexible network data management tool that works across your partner base. Manage your SKUs using your internal PLM and PIM solutions. Use ENRICH to manage external partner variability easily and efficiently.

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    • Sales Order Management

      Today, customers place orders across multiple channels into your organization. Depending on the volume of orders and method, Elemica has an onboarding approach to cost-effectively and efficiently connect them to the network. Elemica provides solutions to automate thousands of your customers. We remove the challenges and enable error-free automation of customers with virtually no change in their behavior. Our clients have dramatically improved data quality and replaced manual approaches with automated order management. Enjoy accurate and efficient order management driving customer loyalty and profitability.

      Additionally, Elemica provides visibility and exception-based insights designed for customer service and customer service management to highlight via product, location, customer, order with by request and promise views.

    • QuickLink Email Sell

      QuickLink Email Sell works 24x7x365 allowing you to offer better on-time and full (OTIF) performance to a customer segment that up until now was not automated. By increasing order processing windows and reducing order entry time latency, you capture more revenue and deliver better service.

      QuickLink Email works by converting pdf, txt, xls, and other data formats emailed by your customers into your order fulfillment system directly. Security and quality checks are engineered into the solution giving higher levels of security than manual order entry efforts. Exception-based management systems alert staff to specific situations, such as an unreadable shipping address, that may require human intervention. In select cases, optical character recognition (OCR) technology is used to convert image files such as tiff, jpg, etc.

      Can be implemented without the need for a customer project and schedule dependencies.

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    • QuickLink Email OCR

      Convert image files into useful data. Digitally transform
      inbound email images to provide faster, more accurate
      order entry.

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    • Customer Portal Assistant

      Low cost interoperability for partners on Ariba, Basware, Tungsten, customer specific portals and Elemica Digital Supply Network. By connecting to the Elemica Digital Supply Network and using the Elemica Customer Portal Assistant solution you have the best of all worlds. You get access to ALL your customers wanting to do business via the Ariba, Basware, Tungsten, customer-specific portals networks with complete integration to your ERP. No more re-keying purchase order or invoice data.

      No need for customer support representatives to go to a customer website or the Ariba, Basware, Tungsten portal or customer portals. From an IT perspective, there is no longer the need to create, maintain, and staff, for example, a hard to support cXML infrastructure and or multiple specific integrations.

      By connecting once to the Elemica network and using the Elemica Customer Portal Assistant, you automatically have back-end ERP integration and access to the complete Ariba, Basware, Tungsten, customer-specific portals network of your customers. As a buyer using Ariba, Basware, Tungsten, customer-specific portals and the Elemica Customer Portal Assistant, all your inbound purchase orders are automatically integrated with all your suppliers on the Elemica Network in a bi-directional mode. This bi-directional capability encompasses change orders, advanced shipping notifications, confirmations and invoices.

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  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

    Maintain tank or warehouse levels based on your supply strategy and inventory readings, demand forecasts, and in-transit status. Optimize working capital with increased service levels using demand, inventories, and status.

  • Delivery Schedule

    Analyzing schedule agreement data from customers to determine new, changed, and unchanged requirements is tedious, costly and error-prone. Delivery schedule automatically evaluates customer manufacturing and shipping schedules to generate orders and changes automatically. Automated checks can be performed to evaluate new and changed requirements against already shipped orders as well as lead time requirements.

  • Invoice Compliance

    Improve cash flow while supporting country specific legal signature requirements. Includes e-signature and archiving for authenticity of invoice for buyer and seller guaranteed via a digital signature. Readability and authenticity preserved for storage duration and available to tax auditor on demand. Supports both business controls and qualified signature compliance strategies.

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