Real Time Monitoring and Visibility Solution
Elemica See Monitoring and Visibility Solution for Supply Chain Logistics

Elemica See

Elemica Visibility Solution

Key Features

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  • Achieve visibility to all inter-business processes and enable management by exception
  • Combine multiple data sources to build a timely and accurate account of your supply chain
  • Connect and triangulate third-party data to supplement trading partners’ transactions
  • Combine supplier confirmations, logistics booking transactions, shipment milestone signals, and financial transactions in one visual process flow
  • Receive advanced alerts from sources of big data and predictive analytics for orders and shipments
  • Leverage analytics based on machine learning algorithms
  • Filter shipment search criteria by carrier, origin, destination, product, role, and business unit
  • Identify route and shipment status using an intuitive map visualization
  • Define network map using master data
  • Utilize external Elemica Risk Event API and DHL event feed
  • Capitalize on impact assessments

The challenge organizations face today with supply chain visibility is that the relevant information is outside their enterprise. The information and data reside in the systems of suppliers, logistics service providers, and customers across diverse time zones.

Real-time monitoring can access world events and apply them to supply chains so managers understand orders or locations impacted.

Key Benefits

Monitor the Supply Chain Implications

  • Monitor end-to-end supply chain shipments, orders and risk
  • Acquire, present and analyze supply chain performance across the products you buy, sell, and move
  • Obtain visibility outside the 4 walls of the company
  • Provide insight into risk events and their impact on the supply chain Detect and React to Disruptions
  • Detect early issues affecting customer fulfillment & raw material supply
  • Uncover vulnerabilities within the supply chain
  • Apply predictive analytics to predict what will happen if risk occurs
  • Alert trading partners as to what is happening and what they need to do to mitigate the risk Digitally Transform for Optimization
  • Lower working capital
  • Reduced stock-outs
  • Faster payments
  • Increased customer service & retention

Digitally Transform for Optimization

  • Lower working capital
  • Reduced stock-outs
  • Faster payments
  • Increased customer service & retention

    • Elemica Pulse

      An end-to-end supply chain visibility and monitoring solution for enterprise and service provider networks that discovers physical and virtual inventories and logical overlays. Elemica Pulse combines the Elemica Digital Supply Network with a rules-based event management engine and machine-learning algorithms to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and exception management. The solution offers additional capabilities including:

      • Monitor Warnings. Any changes between requested and confirmed quantities and/or dates are highlighted.

      • Reality Check™. Elemica Pulse handles over a million transactions per day. Algorithms mine this data for insights about your open transactions, providing you advanced warnings that you otherwise would not see.

      • Pulse is tightly coupled with the Elemica Trace and Risk Management solution for real-time shipment and order tracking with integrated supply chain risk assessment.

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    • Elemica Trace

      A solution for real-time shipment visibility for customer service, logistics operations, and supply chain planners to monitor and proactively manage the movement of goods to customers and inbound manufacturing centers. Elemica Trace uses shipment data, signals from carriers, a geo-location interface, ETA calculators, and predictive algorithms to identify shipments in trouble. See real-time shipment locations, with shipments categorized based on their on-time status.

      • Achieve Real-Time Visibility to all shipments to enable management by exception and improve customer service. Maintain contact with carriers throughout the lifecycle of the shipment, seeing locations and statuses until Proof of Delivery.

      • Manage Shipments in Trouble. With every location update, ETAs are re-calculated and shipments are evaluated for being On-Time, Expected Late, or Late.

      • Monitor in Trace and/or receive email alerts when a shipment state changes for the worse.

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    • Elemica Risk

      A visibility application incorporating supply chain threat detection, qualification, early warning, and network assessment. The solution correlates risk incidents with a customer’s network assets, orders and shipments to detect and understand the impact of disruptive events.

      • Track global incidents leveraging the Elemica API and partnership with DHL Resilience 360

      • Correlate orders and shipments providing immediate supply chain impact

      • Connect these incidents to purchase orders and shipments to assess potential impact for stakeholders

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