Supplier Quality Management

Key Features

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  • Collaborative system between supplier and manufacturer
  • On-line material specification validations
  • Electronic corrective actions
  • Online, scorable audit questionnaires
  • Certification submittal with reminders
  • Scorecards for data-driven performance

Manufacturers continuously are creating stronger relationships with their supplier bases to improve incoming raw material quality for production efficiencies.

Key Benefits

  • Improved supplier communications
  • Reduced out of specification shipments safety stock in shipment lead times
  • Simplified process and reduction of paper trails
  • Compliance with industry document requirements
  • Audit performance by section and question
  • Know where you stand in your customer’s view

  • Solution Overview

    Elemica Supplier Quality Management helps a manufacturer forge improved relationships:

    • Allows suppliers access to manufacturer’s material specification
    • Verifies and validates incoming materials meets specifications
    • Effectively communicates with suppliers about changes
    • Resolves supplier corrective action requests (SCARS) efficiently
    • Supports supplier regulatory compliance tracking and audits

    Elemica Supplier Quality Management collects, stores, and manages supply chain quality information from suppliers. This includes material specifications and quality data found in a Certificate of Analysis (COA), supplier audits, certifications as required, and corrective action documentation.

    Suppliers view all customer-specific materials, localized specs, shipments and status along with Cpk, Ppk, trending criteria, SPC checks, out-of-spec variance approvals and scorecards.

    Reports are available to suppliers that provide valuable insight into their performance for their Elemica Quality customer by user defined queries:

    • Material and revision code
    • Company and plant receiving
    • Time range
    • Product Type
    • Country of origin
    • Lot/serial number
    • Certification/audit status
    • Non-conformance resolution status
    • Key material performance analyses