e-COA (Electronic Certificate of Analysis)

Key Features

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  • Specification and test definition and validation, and sign-off
  • Online and offline data entry
  • ANSI Z1.4 sampling management
  • Online, scorable audit questionnaires
  • Lot approval and shipment
  • Email alerts and notifications
  • Lab test and COA comparison testing
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Ship-to-spec; ship-to-control


  • email or online COA/ASN delivery
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC) generation
  • Printable COA/ASN and COC
  • Material specification management
  • , Ppk, and Trend Analysis
  • Material Traceability
  • Customer Corrective Action support
  • Plant audit and certification database
  • Ship-to-control

Provide a lens into your supply chain quality using inbound and outbound e-CoA.

Companies vary substantially in their quality assurance requirements for received lots. Sometimes, COAs arrive late, or arrive only after repeated requests. At times, it may never be received. Additionally, many manufacturers are required by customers and regulators to provide Certificate of Analysis or Certificate of Compliance data for every lot in their material receipts and outgoing shipments.

Key Benefits

  • Material risk reduction
  • Improved personnel efficiencies
  • Reduced material cost and variability
  • Ensure specification performance
  • Manage supplier corrective actions
  • Negotiate better contract pricing
  • Reduced costs for inbound testing
  • Manage non-conformances with suppliers

  • Solution Overview

    Elemica e-CoA provides an electronic Certificate of Analysis (COA), solution for manufacturers that automates the quality interactions between customers, suppliers, and internal operations. The solution provides methods for collecting, creating, and delivering inbound and outbound material quality criteria and reducing the costs for all parties.

    • Research and Development perform material root cause analyses.
    • Quality Assurance correlate finished good quality to inbound material quality.
    • Purchasing use supplier material quality analysis as another supplier metric to qualify suppliers.
    • Operations determine best production characteristics.

    Inbound e-CoA from suppliers

    Elemica e-CoA compares your supplier’s COA data to your specification, preventing out of specification lots from entering your factory and eliminating production disruptions.

    Outbound e-CoA for Customers

    The Elemica e-CoA solution allows customers to customize how and when they receive COA, ASN and Country of Origin data for their shipments. Manufacturers can also analyze SPC, Ppk and trends for their material shipments. Material traceability is simplified for the manufacturer and customers.