Achieve Visibility, Quality, Traceability, and Compliance
Elemica Quality - Achieve Visibility, Quality, Traceability, and Compliance

Elemica Quality

Elemica Quality Management Suite

Key Features

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  • Specification management
  • Inbound and outbound e-CoA
  • Proactive and time trend analytics
  • Lab test results and statistics
  • Forward and backward lot/serial traceability
  • Non-conformance reporting
  • Ingredient quality consistency
  • “As-Built” customer validation
  • Defect isolation and resolution
  • Audit Tracking and compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance

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AY Manufacturing
Morton Salt

Align supply chain quality objectives with suppliers, customers, and manufacturing to achieve visibility, higher quality, improved traceability, and compliance.

It’s time to bring quality and operational excellence together with Elemica Quality. By streamlining communication among suppliers, customers, and manufacturing sites, Elemica Quality creates an enterprise-wide quality and compliance solution to minimize cost-related product quality issues. The solution gives manufacturers the upstream visibility and control they need.

Key Benefits

Elemica Quality Process Benefits
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  • Reduced material variability, recalls, and scrap
  • Streamline incoming inspection processes
  • Minimized plant disruptions
  • Lower compliance costs
  • Support audit trail documentation

    • Supplier Quality Management

      Today’s companies need an integrated, real-time quality management software solution to troubleshoot supplier performance issues thoroughly. Seamlessly connect all supplier quality management processes and test results, material specifications and Certificate of Analysis documentation including non-conformances and supplier corrective action requests (SCARs) with audit management across the supply chain.

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    • Traceability and Compliance

      Helps you automate supplier data collection, maintain a digital traceability record,
      manage your risk and drive better performance from your upstream partners. Supply chain visibility with sourcing location authentication, and automated document collection and management for assuring compliance. Complete lot, serial, and material traceability including all parts/ingredients into products and or assemblies. Complete where-used searches and alerts with customer certificate of analysis generation.

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    • e-COA (Electronic Certificate of Analysis)

      Elemica Quality allows manufacturer’s customers and suppliers to customize how and when they receive COA, ASN, and country of Origin data for their shipments. The e-COA enables manufacturers to analyze its SPC, Ppk, and Time Trends associated with material shipments. Quality interactions can be simplified through on-line Corrective Action Requests (CAR)and Corrective Actions Plans (CAP).

      Automate test results for inbound raw materials ensuring quality compliance. Elemica’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) is a manufacturing lot number specific document that is sent by a supplier to convey the characteristics and test results indicating the quality of the raw material product.

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  • Manufacturing Quality Management

    Internal management and visibility of material movement and batch quality characteristics for QA and correlation of raw materials with finished product attributes for improved yield.