Elemica Digital Supply Network APIs

Elemica leverages APIs in four different categories. The consumers of these APIs evolve through a journey that begins by catering to a System of Record.

Order Management These Digital Supply Network document types of APIs are represented through data exchange – enabled via JSON, UNEDIFACT or X-12 using the Elemica specification. These APIs are focused on primary process enablement by connecting trading partners together.

Control Tower – These Restful APIs are designed around status-related criteria with respect to order and/or shipment status and are visible through Control Tower application similar to Elemica See Solution. They may be obtaining GPS signals or IoT type data feed to location or product performance metrics. In essence, these APIs are driving process management

Master Data – As increases in co-innovation within the supply chain market grows, master data coordination becomes more and relevant in importance. Elemica supports these restful APIs to build and manage master data using our API building blocks with an added layer of Machine Learning. The consumption of these type of APIs is the basis of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and both predictive and prescriptive analytics. These are the APIs that drive Digital Transformation and the evolution of new business models for organizations.

Specification – As standards become a more common approach to connect and transfer data between partners, Elemica APIs for integration services based on standard document types are supported. These connector type of APIs are used to take advantage of cXML, iDOC, and EDI exchange formats such as UNEDIFACT, and X-12.