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Elemica Supply Chain Network Platform

Elemica Platform

Elemica Platform Management Suite

Features of the Platform

Infrastructure – IaaS driven cloud architecture using Amazon Web Services, available in 3 distinct Availability Zones
Platform – Patented, built ground-up for scale and high concurrency using API driven emerging technologies
Implementation – Universal Business Document driven connect once philosophy with map reuse Automated Regression Testing
Operational Transparency – Multi-dimensional transaction dashboard with “fluent” business concept search and auto message correlation
Effort for Network On-boarding – Decreases with network reuse
Support for new products and client-specific apps -Extensible plug-in platform for apps and interoperability with other platforms
Data Science Enabled – Ideal for Machine Learning Services
Smart Contracts Enabled -Ideal for Smart Contract Execution on public or permissioned blockchains
IoT Enabled – Ability to handle discrete and streaming data
Self-Service Tools – Architected for Self-service Tools

Universal Business Language and Documents(UBD)

Universal Business Documents enable the synchronization of how business communicate with each other across different cultures, languages, time zones, and country specific governance using a common method. Universal Business Documents (UBDs) are the communication mechanism across inter-business supply chain processes to effectively break the processes down into discrete business signals. UBDs are important as businesses enable relationships with their trading partners around specific supply chain processes for the products they are buying, selling, moving, and certifying quality compliance through their supply chains.

View UBD and Platform Videos to learn more

The Elemica Digital Supply Network digitizes transactions with all network partners, taps into modern data sources, and integrates external data to your internal operating systems

Elemica Platform ArchitectureElemica Platform Architecture

  • B2B Reusable Connections

    Establish a connection once to Elemica’s platform and reuse that connection to access all other partners on the network, automate various processes across those partners and gain visibility into your supply chain.

  • Multi-Channel Integration

    Using multiple sources or targets for your unique process requirements is the norm. Use Elemica as your single channel for integration to your systems despite the scope and variety of your corresponding integration requirements.

    Elemica Multi-Channel Support

Read more how the Elemica ENRICH network data management tool works across your partner base. ENRICH manages external partner variability easily and efficiently.

  • Supply Chain Open APIs

    Elemica Digital Supply Network API FrameworkAdd value to data exchange with your trade partners by enabling standard and custom in-flight enrichment patterns. Enhance the quality and accuracy of your data by accessing 3rd party APIs in real time.
    Read more about Elemica Supply Chain Open APIs

  • Smart Contract Management

    Manage the trust and validation with trading partners across disparate business processes like Order Management and Logistics using Elemica’s powerful Correlation engine. Gain control of process and workflow exceptions through smart contract rules and notifications management using our Event Management facility.
    Read more about Elemica Smart Contract Management

  • Transaction Dashboard

    View the processing and delivery status of your transactions in Elemica’s multi-dimensional yet elegant transaction dashboard. Search by time periods, key identifiers and individual data elements within the transactions for fine-grained visibility.

    Read how Elemica Pulse combines the Elemica Digital Supply Network with a rules-based event management engine and machine-learning algorithms to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and exception management.

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