Elemica Eyefreight Transportation Management System

Transportation Management Key Features

  • Level 5 SaaS application  supporting multi-national shippers
  • Patent-pending algorithms to plan and optimize product distribution
  • Local currencies, local languages, local regulations on a global scale
  • Access to an extensive global carrier network
  • Freight Spend Management
  • Transportation Planning
  • Control Tower visibility
  • Business Intelligence

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Easy to configure. Designed to scale. Drive real business value into logistics.

Elemica Eyefreight provides a single platform for central coordination and detailed data visibility over complex, global-wide transportation operations. From inventory allocation and distribution planning to freight invoice settlement, Eyefreight reduces costs, improves timeliness, increases service levels, and ensures sustainability. With the Elemica Eyefreight Level 5 TMS, your management team will gain insight on critical variables such as costs, performance, transport plan deviations, and emissions (CO2, NOX, SOX, and PM10) per brand, per product, and per cost center.

The majority of Eyefreight clients use the Eyefreight platform as an add-on to their ERP system to better manage outsourced transportation, gain flexibility within their logistics operations, and implement an end-to-end logistics technology solution. Designed for customization and scale, Eyefreight’s application technology and algorithms are easily configured to meet each individual client’s specific network needs.

Level 5 SaaS application that supports large, multi-national shippers.

Eyefreight provides a single platform for central coordination and detailed data visibility – from simple, local operations to complex, global-wide transportation processes. From shipment planning to freight settlement, Eyefreight reduces costs, improves timeliness, increases service levels, and ensures sustainability. With Eyefreight, your management team will gain insight on critical variables such as costs, performance, deviations – per brand, per product, per cost center, and more.


Eyefreight’s patent-pending algorithms use your real-life transportation data to plan and optimize your product distribution. Actual carrier rates, preferred carrier designations, load capacity guidelines, modalities, delivery time windows – all are data points that are fed into Eyefreight’s algorithms to produce optimal transportation scenarios.

  • Optimize loads on the best available equipment
  • Run planning across business units, locations, and customers
  • Determine the best applicable rate, carrier, and mode
  • Simultaneously optimize inbound and outbound loads
  • Create multiple transportation plans using real-world parameters
  • Define pre-determined planning profiles

Local practices. Local currencies. Local languages. Global connection.

Eyefreight solves shipping problems with a multi-national solution that supports a wide range of languages and currencies, bringing efficiencies to local, regional, and global distribution planning.  The solution supports:

  • A wide range of languages and currencies including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and Portuguese including
  • Local, regional, national, and global distribution strategies
  • All modes of transport: road, rail, sea, barge, parcel, and inter-modal
  • Mobile support for global fleet tracking and management
  • Customs and freight forwarding documentation integration

Our Network of Carriers

To be a leading provider of TMS solutions, access to an extensive global carrier network is essential and available through  Elemica Eyefreight Transportation Management and the Elemica Digital Supply Network.  For Elemica Eyefreight clients, this ready-made network translates into shorter implementation times, reduced costs, and improved service levels.  For Elemica Eyefreight carrier partners, network participation facilitates new business opportunities, improved transportation performance, and industry collaboration.

Freight Spend Management

Elemica Eyefreight Freight Spend Management Module gives shippers visibility into outsourced transportation operations.  With this visibility, shippers can better manage the costs associated with these services. Patent-pending algorithms determine optimal product distribution plans, which include planned costs for the shipper and shipment instructions for the carriers.

The Freight Spend Management Module allows you to:

  • Store essential transportation data for transportation cost planning
  • Allocate costs according to existing transportation contracts
  • Manage costs submitted by carriers
  • Approve costs outside of the designated transportation plan
  • Generate pre-invoices: planned costs  + approved costs outside of the transportation plan = actual transportation costs
  • Report on the delivery cost by invoice, purchase order, and/or cost center
  • Match electronic invoices against approved costs
  • Transmit billing  to your ERP/finance
  • Archive shipment costs

Transportation Planning

Regardless of mode, Elemica Eyefreight proposes an optimal set of shipment delivery plans that adhere to your business rules and maximize delivery performance KPIs.

  • Select the optimal combination of transport modalities for a set of orders
  • Consolidate orders based on location, delivery window, and product type
  • Minimize total distance driven by combining sub-routes into one
  • Send a Freight Request for Quotation to one or more carriers
  • Set the ideal departure time based on the loading capacity of the facilities
  • Plan the optimal route considering traffic restrictions to specific locations
  • Calculate planned shipment cost based on rate cards/tariff sheets
  • Generate and send loading plans, shipment instructions, and orders to logistics service providers.

Control Tower

The Elemica Eyefreight Control Tower is a single decision-making platform to centralize accountability for transport costs, service quality, and business performance.

  • Exchange information with third-party logistics providers at each stage
  • Gain end-to-end visibility over transport operations
  • Capture data, extract critical information on transport execution;
  • React in real-time to deviations from planned transportation movements
  • Ensure the most appropriate distribution option at the lowest cost
  • Oversee KPIs in a single view
  • Gain insight on carrier performance to evaluate trends and alternatives

Event and Exception Control Management displays the status of the shipment and proactively notifies users of any deviation from the original transportation plan.

Cost Management associates extra costs from shipment deviations to be manually entered or calculated automatically by the system. Notification alerts occur in real-time for users to approve or reject additional costs.

Integration with Logistics Partners provides carriers and shippers methods for exchanging shipment assignments, relaying shipment status messages, and/or recording shipment events. Supports multiple carrier infrastructure options and various file-formats including email, EDI, FTP, CSV, XML, web portal, and/or mobile applications.

Sends Planners all updates, comments, supporting documents, or occurrence alerts during shipment execution. Exchanges information with all third-party logistics providers at each stage along with the transportation network, including reverse logistics.

Business Intelligence

Actionable information is critical for accelerating and improving logistics performance. Elemica Eyefreight Business Intelligence unites disparate data sources in a single, coherent framework for real-time reporting and detailed analysis including ad-hoc analysis and querying, data visualization, scorecards, predictive analytics, and online analytical processing (OLAP).

  • Merge data from multiple sources;
    Automate calculations
  • Create instant graphics: charts, graphs, and tables
  • Run weekly/monthly/annual consumption models
  • Generate event alerts
  • Build custom reports by geographic region, business unit, etc.