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Company Revenue

Elemica Estimated

Direct Material Spend

Average Raw Materials / Packaging Inventory

Average Finished Goods Inventory

Annual Raw Materials / Packaging POs

Annual Sales Order

Annual Transportation Spend

Annual Outbound Shipments

Total COGS as a % of Revenue

Net Income as a % of Revenue

Personnel Loaded Rate ($/hour)

Weighted Average Cost of Capital

P2P Scope

Invoice Scope

Logistics Scope

O2C Scope

Invoice Scope

Program Savings

REDUCED Operating Expenses {{ cmpBuyOpExSavings | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpMoveOpExSavings | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpSellOpExSavings | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M
OPTIMIZED Working Capital {{ cmpBuyWorkCapSavings | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpMoveWorkCapSavings | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpSellWorkCapSavings | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M
Working Capital Carrying Cost {{ cmpBuyCarryCost | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpMoveCarryCost | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpSellCarryCost | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M
INCREASED Sales {{ cmpSellIncreasedSales | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M
Monthly Cost of Inaction {{ cmpBuyInactionCost | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpMoveInactionCost | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M {{ cmpSellInactionCost | toFormattedCurrency(1) }} M

Founded in 2000, Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for Manufacturers. We automate and provide visibility into your supply chain. By connecting the world’s leading manufacturers to thousands of their direct material suppliers, logistics service providers and customers, end-to-end visibility is provided in each step with Elemica’s solutions.

Half a trillion USD in goods are bought, sold and moved annually through the Elemica Digital Supply Network. Our solutions connect the world’s leading manufacturers to thousands of their direct material suppliers, logistics service providers, and customers. Our clients use our Digital Supply Network to automate and See the products they Buy, Sell, Move, and Manage the Quality of through their supply chains.