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The Life and Times of Supply Chain Sam

The real-life benefits of a connected supply chain Hi! My name is Sam and I’m the Global...

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Elemica Announces David Muse as CEO

Will Drive Elemica’s Long-Term Vision and Strategy to Provide Innovative Supply Chain Solutions to Global Enterprises Wayne,...

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How Logistics Takes on Sustainability

Elemica Director Quoted Vehicle emissions have been a significant part of the climate change conversation since it...

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Is Your Supply Chain Control Tower an Asset or a Liability?

Data abounds In the digital age – to the tune of roughly 44 zettabytes. (For a sense...

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Evaluating Your Supply Chain Software with the Subway Map

What to consider in supply chain software for operational excellence Recently, Supply Chain Movement published the Supply...

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Why TMS is Critical for Chemical Companies?

That was one of the key questions Cindi Hane (Vice President, Product Management & General Manager, Elemica...

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API Management Ensures Flexibility and Frees Resources

Public and internal APIs need to be secured, controlled and optimized lists a number of 22.885...

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Elemica is Uniquely Positioned in Supply Chain IT Metropolitan Subway Map for 2020 from Supply Chain Movement Publication

Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, makes its third appearance on the Supply...

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Chemical Logistics: Navigating Successfully Through A New Normal

In a highly competitive global environment, staying on top of transportation and logistics challenges is mission-critical For...

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