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Supply Chain Disruptions Endanger Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

Highly complex supply chains require precise risk management Companies experience a large number of disruptions in the...

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Digitization: A Focus for Automotive Industry

Global Automotive Industry Benefits with Elemica At the World Automotive Conference in October 2019, fifty presenters focused...

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DSN: A Backbone for A Dynamic Food & Beverage Supply Chain

Positive Impact to Upstream and Downstream Processes A Digital Supply Network is defined as machine to machine...

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Constantly Evolving Regulations Got You Down?

Quality, Reliability, Security of Products A single aircraft is made up of thousands of parts. These parts...

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Data Analysis Enables Consistent Quality in Pharmaceuticals

How looking at data the right way improves the quality of pharmaceutical supply chain orchestration The Internet...

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Chemical Industry: How Sustainable Are Your Green Supply Chain Practices?

Sustainability goals and the impact they could have on your business Simply stating your chemical business is...

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Mitigating Challenges in the Procurement Landscape

Procurement leaders globally are recognizing the power of better data-driven insights for cost optimization and process efficiency...

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Digital Transformation Improves Environmental Balance

The sustainability of products has become a buying reason – What companies should do… When it comes...

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Enterprise Risk During Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is very active here in the US but delays to businesses can be felt globally...

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