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The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Reform We’re Not Talking About Enough

COVID-19 vaccines and treatments appear to be forthcoming. When the lifesaving drugs are ready, will logistics and...

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Seven Guidelines for API Security in a Digitized Supply Chain Network

Safeguarding your extended supply chain Enterprises use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to connect services and to transfer...

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The Life and Times of Supply Chain Sam

The real-life benefits of a connected supply chain Hi! My name is Sam and I’m the Global...

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Is Your Supply Chain Control Tower an Asset or a Liability?

Data abounds In the digital age – to the tune of roughly 44 zettabytes. (For a sense...

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Evaluating Your Supply Chain Software with the Subway Map

What to consider in supply chain software for operational excellence Recently, Supply Chain Movement published the Supply...

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API Management Ensures Flexibility and Frees Resources

Public and internal APIs need to be secured, controlled and optimized lists a number of 22.885...

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Benefits of a Networked TMS

Visibility in Network Transportation Operations from End-to-End Transportation management systems (TMS) were once used almost exclusively "inside...

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Covid-19 Spikes Mobile Phone Bills

Written by: Jamie Martino: Technology Expense Management Strategic Partner The explosion of the "Work from Home" movement,...

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Data: The Key to Controlling Your Supply Chains

I believe it’s safe to say, every business has been affected by COVID-19. With COVID-19, organizations within...

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