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Elemica Is Uniquely Positioned in Supply Chain IT Metropolitan Subway Map for 2020 from Supply Chain Movement Publication

Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, makes its third appearance on the Supply Chain Metropolitan IT Subway Map from Supply Chain Movement.

The Subway Map is an overview of the different types of supply chain software (ERP, WMS, TMS, etc.) that is available, and shows all the key players in the supply chain software playing field. Companies are allocated positions on the map based on the number of implementations and the share of the revenue for each software type. Companies with offices in European countries have a subway station on the map that touches different software lines according to how they rate over a minimum threshold of customers and/or revenue share.

Elemica touches 5 subway lines for:

  • Order Management System
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • Shipment & Transport Execution Platforms
  • E-Procurement
  • Transport Management System

To succeed in the process manufacturing industry marketplace, supply chain executives realize that the digital transformation of the supply chain is a key step in the journey to operational excellence. The Elemica Digital Supply Network enables businesses to establish relationships with their trading partners around specific supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, move, and certify quality compliance through their supply chains.

The Elemica Digital Supply Network and QuickLink supply chain solutions allow clients to integrate customers, suppliers, and logistics service providers quickly and cost-effectively with a rapid return on value for the products they buy, sell and move. By automating order processing and shipment activities in conjunction with using a Digital Supply Network, companies have visibility into inventory levels, shipment schedules, and order accuracy.

Elemica has added new functionality this past year by introducing a new Transportation Management System. Elemica acquired Eyefreight Transportation Management System (TMS) – a Level 5 TMS that supports large, multi-national shippers. From shipment planning to freight settlement, Eyefreight reduces costs, improves timeliness, increases service levels, and ensures sustainability. Elemica Eyefreight supports all modes, including road, rail, ocean, parcel, and intermodal. As a truly global solution, it supports a wide range of languages, currencies, and time zones. The Eyefreight solution incorporates business intelligence, control tower, freight spend management, transportation planning, and transportation management, bringing visibility over complex, global-wide transportation operations.

Elemica provides additional visibility solutions that help process businesses successfully see across the digital divide and achieve pervasive automation and intelligent visibility, leading to greater efficiencies, less risk, and improved profits. Elemica Pulse and Trace provide real-time shipment and risk visibility to customer service, transport planners, and supply chain managers, allowing them to monitor and proactively manage the movement of products to customers and inbound to manufacturing centers.