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May 5, 2020

Elemica Announces Partnership with CheMondis, the leading B2B Online Marketplace for Chemicals in Europe

Partnership enables the chemical industry in Europe to conduct business completely digitally

Wayne, Pa.

Elemica, the leading cloud-based Digital Supply Network for global manufacturing industries, announces a strategic partnership with CheMondis, the leading B2B Online Marketplace for chemicals in Europe. The partnership enables clients of CheMondis to have a complete digital “amazon-like” order management experience.

“Elemica is extremely happy joining forces with CheMondis to enable CheMondis’ clients to connect seamlessly to any buyer or supplier of the CheMondis network as the data management order broker,” says Ingo Schildt, Elemica Senior Manager Supply Chain Solutions. “The partnership provides CheMondis network members an efficient ‘amazon-like’ service experience through automated order management integration to suppliers, through direct ERP-system integration or, through simply a transactional email infrastructure.”

“CheMondis is very glad to take the partnership with Elemica to the next level as we are strengthening our position as the leading B2B marketplace for chemicals in Europe,” according to Cornelia Birnbrich, Head of Commercial at CheMondis. “We are excited to partner up with Elemica to extend our marketplace ecosystem by bundling the data management and order brokering services of Elemica and integrating them into the marketplace and for the benefit of our customers.”

The partnership is a validation of the recent developments on how the industry is moving towards digital sales and procurement channels to generate new sales and while improving operational efficiency.

About Elemica

Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for global manufacturing industries. Elemica accelerates digital transformation by connecting, automating, anticipating, and then transforming inter-business supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, move, and assure. Launched in 2000, customers process over $600B in commerce annually on the network. For more information, visit

About CheMondis

CheMondis is the trusted B2B chemical Marketplace made in Germany. CheMondis was founded in mid-2018 and has since then become the leading B2B marketplace for chemicals in Europe. It combines chemical expertise with outstanding technological know-how. This combination makes us unique. At CheMondis, we’re on a mission to build an innovative B2B marketplace for the chemical industry. For more information visit