Mirror Review Features Elemica as One of the 10 Best Supply Chain Technology Solution Providers, 2018

Elemica: Cloud Service Magnate Transforming the Supply Chain Market

Digital transformation is at the top of the hysteria cycle. It is one of the many reasons, why people attend meetings and why they search the web. Digital transformation not only has financial hard Return on Investment (ROI), but also the soft ROI that the end users are looking for.

The soft dollars that the finance teams in the past would have rejected are now being accepted as a basic component of the projects such as an Always On-24×7 order acceptance window, end-to-end customer engagement, innovative business models, better decision making, and improved customer service. Users are now going beyond the basics and are focused on obtaining exception-based analysis and dashboards in real-time with respect to their orders and shipments. Elemica leveraged the need of the market and built an exception based real-time dashboard.

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