LogiPharma USA 2019

DATE: 16 & 17 of September

LOCATION: Philadelphia, PA

LogiPharma is where top minds in pharma supply chain, logistics, distribution, planning, IT, quality and sourcing meet to share practical insights. Achieve comprehensive end-to-end visibility and innovative customer first tactics through by implementing the latest digitalization tools.

Elemica will be attending this conference and our Senior Director of Product Management will lead a roundtable entitled:

Digitizing Your Supplier Network: Challenges and Benefits
Round Table Date: September 16
Time: 11:50 a.m. (EST)

Managing your complex network of supply chain material suppliers, including starting compounds, intermediates, solvents, excipients, along with production materials like tubing, single-use equipment, and packaging material is a daunting task. To maintain pedigree, manufacturing schedules, and optimizing inventory it’s vital to minimize the introduction of crippling surprises due to supplier deliveries, quality variability or even disruptions due to natural disasters or geopolitical events. The Round table will address:

  • End to End Supply Chain Visibility and Alerting
  • Digital Communications with Suppliers and tools to ensure Data Quality
  • Supplier Quality eCOA’s and traceability to support Pedigree and Fraud Prevention
  • Timely supplier delivery and quality to ensure production uptime and quality allowing you to minimize inventory levels and lead times

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