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DATE: 12-13 of November 2020
Virtual Conference
Elemica is a sponsor and roundtable moderator


Leveraging Digitalization to Drive Supply Chain Optimization and End-to-End Visibility

Without a doubt, the chemical industry learned a lot about the challenges of a huge and unexpected disruption like Covid-19.

While the challenges in the early days were enormous, the pandemic accelerated adoption of digital enablement, especially among companies slower to embrace and invest in digitalization in the past. It also highlighted areas the industry must focus on to future-proof and risk-proof its supply chains to better prepare for the next unanticipated disruption.

12 of November
Moderator:  Gary Neights, Senior Director of Product Management

Partnering for Digital Transformation Success:  How to Pass Go!

An enterprise’s ability to succeed in this volatile environment is increasingly determined by how well it keeps pace with its competition and the tides threatening profitable performance.  Today,  enterprises are digitizing and evaluating emerging technologies to achieve a connected, smart and highly efficient supply chain ecosystem.  One where silos dissolve and true end-to-end visibility becomes a reality that uncovers opportunities, unlocks scalability, decreases costs and increases revenues. A transformation of this magnitude does not happen overnight.

A digital supply chain will change the way your business works. Haphazardly including a technology into your supply chain will not be enough to realize transformative value. Businesses must re-engineer their operations and devise digital strategies that systematically add value to their organization and their customers while mitigating risk and increasing agility.

But how do you start?  What digital technologies and partners are right to help you succeed in the race toward this highly efficient supply chain ecosystem?

Join us for a round table to discuss:

  • How to assess a technology partner for your business
  • Common challenges to achieving digital transformation goals
  • The importance of developing a comprehensive digital strategy
  • How to be your company’s digital transformation champion


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When: Thursday, November 12
Where: Virtual