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Bringing powerful connections to your supply chain pays—and it’s not as complicated as you might think. Reach out to an Elemica consultant and see how you can start transforming your supply chain today.

Successful digital transformation is collaborative, incremental and reasonably scoped—proving fresh value at every step of the way.

The scale and depth of even the most humble supply chains can be staggering—and intimidating to even the most experienced technical and operational professionals during the early days of implementation. But the trick is to start small, prove out profitable results—and then scale up from there.

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Mapping Your Digital
Transformation Journey™


Initial Snapshot

Initially we seek to create a snapshot of current supply chain dynamics. This includes mapping suppliers, partners, customers and end-to-end supply chain processes as well as detailing the systems, platforms, technologies and teams that currently make it all happen.


Problem Areas

The next step entails identifying problems. How closely does your snapshot align with an ideal situation? What problems, challenges or bottlenecks exist? What is broken and what, in a perfect world, would this all look like? At this stage, we’re just talking about limitations and objectives, and aren’t yet worried about the specifics of solutions.


Actions and KPIs

Once we have soft spots identified, we can explore what it takes to improve various aspects of your supply chain through automation. This means outlining very specific actions to improve very specific KPIs across mission-critical supply chain aspects. This process will help us identify immediate and near-term objectives and KPIs to track performance improvement through automation.


Roadmap and Priorities

Finally, we’ll build a detailed supply chain connectivity roadmap. This will include the most practical and profitable connectivity starting point, which other areas to prioritize based on near-term revenue or profit impacts, forecasted outcomes and even a long-term map delineating connectivity initiatives by upcoming year.

A Process with Proven Success

Start creating value
on Day 1

There’s no one right answer to where supply chain connectivity should start. But there are options which will net you more savings of time and money, more quickly. Our process helps identify those areas, giving you strong options to prove the program quickly, gain momentum and improve the bottom line from Day 1.

Automate the biggest pain
points first

Our Digital Transformation Journey™ lets you implement supply chain connectivity on an incremental basis for a series of small wins which create more and more impact as you go. With this approach, your supply chain gets exponentially more efficient and profitable without the stress that comes with a comprehensive up-front implementation.

Get both supply chain and technology support

For 20 years we’ve accumulated expertise in both supply chain management and Industry 4.0 technology, so our clients always get the direction they need. So you’ll always have not only a vision of what needs to happen but also solid technology options to get you there.

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Get a detailed road map for the next five years

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20 Years

Our experts have extensive supply chain and tech experience