It’s back: Chemical e-commerce tries for an act 2

Chemical & Engineering News Senior Editor, Rick Mullin, writes about how almost two decades after a series of flops, chemical purveyors are trying e-commerce again. He speaks of how several web platforms have emerged for selling chemicals via online catalogs and how executives maintain the chemical industry is ready to make e-commerce work.

Elemica was highlighted as a provider of the back-end infrastructure to support e-commerce work and a senior executive was quoted.

“We provide the back-end infrastructure behind what would be e-commerce,” says Brad Delizia, Elemica’s senior vice president of corporate development. After a sale is made—be it online or with a handshake—the network routes complex data, tracks orders and payments, and provides online visibility of supply-chain logistics….

“Elemica manages up to 1 million transactions a day, with about $600 billion of commerce between chemical companies coursing through the cloud-based network annually”, according to Delizia.

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