IOT is Creating a More Proactive Food Supply Chain

Elemica’s Chief Technology Officer, Arun Samuga, is featured in Food Logistics Magazine‘s March Cover Story

“Despite the advancements, IoT has brought to the food supply chain, there are still some weak links along the chain, points out Elemica’s Chief Technology Officer, Arun Samuga. Consider the end-to-end food supply chain, starting with the farm all the way to the consumer, and then add to that the hardware, devices, and sensors that are capturing data along the entire chain.  It’s not surprising that it takes a great deal of infrastructure to collect all this data and then “clean it up so that it’s consumable.” says Samuga.

Ultimately, it’s about being able to “derive some meaningful insights and take it to the next level so that you’re able to be proactive instead of reactive.”

A proactive food supply chain can use the IoT together with machine learning to look at past trends, past patterns, to glean intelligence and optimize supply chains for improved performance.”

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