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Elemica Receives Best Practices in Product Leadership in the Digital Supply Network for Process Industries Award

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Connected, automated, and highly visible food and beverage supply chains are worth celebrating, no matter what and when the occasion. They are the essence of growth, compliance, and making companies easier to do business with. Connected supply chains enable multi-enterprise to be agile in response to real-time customer demand in a dynamic fashion thereby optimizing working capital throughout the process.

Supply Chain Challenges

The food and beverage industry faces a lengthy list of unique challenges in terms of logistics and supply chain management, right from volatile commodity pricing and inventory management to quality and safety requirements combined with frequent new product introductions, high demand uncertainty, complex manufacturing constraints, and perishable management.

Today’s food shippers and receiving customers require traceability that not only complies with growing food safety standards but also feeds the need to provide peace of mind for their consumers. Multiple consumer agencies have reported that the food-buying public is becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of food contamination throughout the food supply chain.

Inefficient inventory management in the food and beverage industry results in spoilage of products, resulting in bad supply chain management. This results in poor decision making at all levels of the supply chain. This leads to a vicious cycle, ultimately reducing sales, profit margins, and customer loyalty.


Address Changing Customer Demands with Multi-Enterprise Supply Chain Visibility

In the Food and Beverage industry accuracy when predicting consumer demand is even more important as the shelf-life of product components is so short and must be optimized for consumer demand. Considering the rapidly changing demands of consumer tastes and the availability of seasonal produce with greatly fluctuating prices, this challenge becomes greater.

It is absolutely essential for manufacturers to have real-time access to inventory levels so that decisions can be made swiftly and products can be ordered quickly. Using the Elemica SEE visibility solutions and the multi-enterprise connected supply chain network makes this possible for all trading partner participants.

Using Elemica SEE delivers shipment visibility and real-time tracking and exception-based processing across multi-modes of transportation adding agility to the supply chain performance of suppliers.

Minimize Spoilage with Complete Cold Chain Integration and Logistics Tracking

Transportation can be a significant challenge for the Food and Beverage industry given the complexity for controlled temperatures, efficient routes and quick unloading, stocking, and sale at the other end. The whole process is extremely time and condition-sensitive and therefore there is no room for error.

Leverage cold chain IoT sensors and GPS signals in real-time to monitor the logistical movement both inbound and outbound to protect perishable and temperature shelf life products using Elemica MOVE. With a connected network of carriers, forwarders, terminal operators and warehouse providers working collaboratively give you the digital shipment data, regardless of region, mode, or capabilities to address your global inbound and outbound delivery needs.

End-to-End Supply Chain Quality and Supplier Management

Elemica delivers a multi-enterprise integrated, real-time quality management solution to food and beverage suppliers and manufacturers to troubleshoot supplier performance and food specification issues thoroughly. Seamlessly connect all supplier quality management processes and test results, recipe specifications and Certificate of Analysis documentation including non-conformances and supplier corrective action requests (SCARs) with audit management across the supply chain.

As Food and Beverage organizations squeeze every possible cost margin opportunity to reduce their internal inventory costs, optimizing their suppliers relationship and procurement processes help working capital, supports revenue growth with better customer service, and mitigates the risk with increasing regulatory compliance issues.

Traceability, Compliance and Shelf-Life Surveillance

Traceability of all ingredients is paramount to ensure any damaging effects on consumers are eliminated for future batches. Customer orders coming from portals, EDI, email, fax, IoT devices, and other buying networks are captured and integrated into your ERP solution automatically using Elemica SELL. Complete lot traceability, batch, and serial number are captured, tracked and visible in multi-mode shipments both forward and backward from suppliers to customers allowing complete traceability and transparency of ingredients throughout the supply chain. This can even be important for tracing allergenic materials. These all help to build consumer faith, loyalty and long-term viability of your brand.

The limited shelf-life of many products creates a significant challenge for companies where inventory management is concerned. It is nearly impossible to successfully keep track of all ingredients’ shelf-lives so that waste is eliminated and overheads are optimized. That is if automated software is not used. Elemica Digital Supply Network is capable of surveying the shelf-lives of all ingredients and automatically alerting manufacturing, suppliers, logistics service providers and even customers to when a product is nearing the end of its use-by date. This ensures the product is almost always used in its prime, reducing the need for wastage and discards.

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