We Make Vertical Industry Supply Chains Connected and Visible

Elemica Provides Digitized Supply Chain Visibility and Control to Diverse Industries

Today, leaders from a diverse set of industries including Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Chemical, CPG, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Oil/Gas, Industrial, and Construction are using our Digital Supply Network with their trading partners to make doing business with their end customers easier.

We grew up in the process manufacturing world and offer a common canonical model for data sharing in our platform that is shared with all upstream and downstream trading partners and data sources. The business model inherently provides a common communication framework across industries. We understand the unique regulatory requirements, the hazardous and cold chain related issues, the sustainability of new product introductions these days, and the impact of supply chain risk disruptions can have on your business.

Come as you are and leverage the leading Digital Supply Network.


Extend Your Supply Chain with Multi-Enterprise Connectivity and Visibility with a Digital Supply Network

Elemica connects, automates, and provides visibility across diverse industry supply chains.  Connecting your trading partners is fast, easy, and cost-efficient based on the omnichannel ways Elemica does data capture which feeds directly into your ERP solution.  With an API and event-driven network, the solution is easily extended to support the real-time visibility needs for the products you are selling, buying, moving and having to comply with across your complete value chain both upstream and downstream. A multi-enterprise digital supply network is the approach industries are looking for.

To learn more about how your industry can connect, automate, and gain visibility, see our case studies and white papers.

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“Elemica makes it easier for me and my company to do business. Connecting with suppliers is a cinch.”

Thomas Ratliff, Akzo Nobel

“Maximum value is only possible with the full integration of all relevant business processes between partners—everything from aligning the enterprise with the market, industry and its regions. With Elemica, we all speak one language and pursue one goal: economic gain.”

Heinz-Gunter Lux, Evonik

“We set out to better manage our categories of spend more effectively and efficiently, while also elevating our supplier relationships on a global scale. Elemica provides the support needed for us to achieve these objectives.”

Kay Schubert, Tarkett

“In today’s world, supply chains are about collaboration and the digital age––both of which relate to Elemica. It’s all about helping partners understand your business’ processes, and Elemica helps simplify difficult systems at a high level.”

Folkert Tjebbes, Univar

“In the chemical industry, we need to speak one language to communicate with partners and generate productivity and benefits on both ends; Elemica helps facilitate that. Their creative ideas and support help us be the best company we can be. Situations that seemed difficult before are manageable with Elemica.”

Nicole Sykora, Wacker