Disruptive Innovation in the Supply Chain Fall Forum

Gary Neights, Elemica’s Senior Director of Product Management, will be a featured speaker at The Lehigh CSCR Fall Forum. Gary will be presenting, “Digitized Supply Chains Equals Disruptive Competitive Advantage: Outmaneuver Competitors with Machine Learning (ML).”

Firms have typically used manual planning systems to deal with disruptions to their processes caused by events such as riots, floods, transportation delays, and manufacturing delays. In this presentation a new predictive system is discussed in detail. This automated system is deployed in Europe to manage a multi-modal cross-border supply chain to respond to disruptive events. This session will present the business case for the project and the results of this first phase. Additionally, the complete 3-Phase Supply Chain Machine Learning (ML) and Visualization Model will be presented. Finally, the supporting element of cross-company data integration and IoT will be discussed as well.

CSCR Forum gives students an opportunity to learn and discuss new insights from industry and academic experts about new and disruptive innovations that have significantly changed the supply chain. There will be presentations that identify how different companies have managed to succeed when dealing with these new disruptive innovations. There will also be interactive workshops where participants will have opportunities to learn from each other.

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When: Friday, November 9
Time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Where: Lehigh College

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