Elemica Uniquely Positioned in 2018 Supply Chain Map

Supply Chain Management Publication Recognizes Digital Supply Network Requirements on New Supply Chain IT Metropolitan Subway Map

Elemica, the leading Digital Supply Network for process manufacturing industries, announces that the company is uniquely positioned in the 2018 Supply Chain Metropolitan IT Subway Map from Supply Chain Movement.

The subway map shows all the key players on the global supply chain software playing field. Elemica is the only Digital Supply Network (DSN) provider equipped with 4 subway lines for complete inter-business supply chain network execution and visibility: Order Management, Supply Chain Visibility, Shipment & Transport Execution Platforms and E-Procurement.

“The use of cloud-based supply chain software continues to show strong growth, especially in the areas of Transportation Management, Sales & Operations planning and order management,” said Martijn Lofvers, Founder and CEO of Supply Chain Media BV. “In Supply Chain Movement’s research for the annual SCM IT Subway Map, transportation management solutions lead the way indicating that the majority of their European implementations are in the cloud, followed by solutions related to global trade management, risk management and order management.”

To succeed in the process manufacturing industry marketplace, supply chain executives realize that digital transformation of the supply chain is a key step in the journey to operational excellence. The Elemica Digital Supply Network and QuickLink supply chain solutions allow clients to integrate customers, suppliers, and logistics service providers quickly and cost effectively with rapid return on value for the products they buy, sell, and move. By automating order processing and shipment activities in conjunction with using a Digital Supply Network, companies have visibility into inventory levels, shipment schedules and order accuracy.

Elemica provides additional visibility solutions that help process businesses successfully see across the digital divide and achieve pervasive automation and intelligent visibility, leading to greater efficiencies, less risk, and improved profits. Elemica Pulse, Trace, and Risk provide real-time shipment and risk visibility to customer service, transport planners and supply chain managers, allowing them to monitor and proactively manage the movement of products to customers and inbound to manufacturing centers.

“Elemica’s solutions accelerate Digital Transformation by supporting the journey of connecting, automating, anticipating and then transforming inter-business processes. This digitization of your supply chain enables corporate revenue growth, product innovation and M&A activities for new markets,” said David Cahn, Global Marketing Manager at Elemica.

About Elemica

Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for the process manufacturing industries. Elemica accelerates digital transformation by connecting, automating, anticipating and then transforming inter-business supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, and move. Launched in 2000, customers process over $500B in commerce annually on the network.