Elemica Named Best Performing SCM Company in 2019

Chosen for Being a Pioneer in Supply Chain Digital Transformation

Wayne, PA – October 29, 2019Elemica, the leading cloud-based Digital Supply Network for global manufacturing industries, was named a Best Performing SCM Company in 2019 by CIOLook magazine, a global business publication. Elemica CEO, Rich Katz, is featured on the cover of the October issue. Elemica was chosen for being a supply chain pioneer in Digital Transformation.

“Elemica has grown steadily since our inception of supplying manufacturers with a platform and solutions that automate inter-business processes for the products they are buying, selling, moving, and managing the quality of,” said Rich Katz, CEO of Elemica. “We are proud to be recognized for helping clients improve the performance of their supply chains by digitizing and automating their supply chains and providing the visibility to better anticipate demand, improve their agility and sustainability objectives, and reduce the risk of uncertainties.”

To succeed in manufacturing, Elemica helps businesses realize they need to streamline their multi-enterprise business processes in the supply chain to stay competitive and to achieve operational excellence, but it is a journey, not a quick fix. Elemica’s proven Digital Supply Network, part of a digital transformation journey, provides the tools to connect partners cost effectively, execute operational and logistical plans more efficiently, and be more responsive to customer demands.

Elemica is unique in the industry with how the company continually enhances its Digital Supply Network, such as converting the data coming in from disparate sources into a common structure that is then cleaned and standardized. The network then digitally links the data using proprietary technology on the Elemica cloud-based platform. This cleansed and now linked data is sent back into clients’ systems through APIs for logistics, customer service, and procurement, or is sent to interoperate with third-party data to enrich analytics for more informed predictions, such as what can happen if a port is closed.

Elemica recently introduced the Elemica Quality Management solution that extends quality management to the supply chain, improving product and process quality with suppliers, customers, and logistics providers for supply chain compliance, track, and trace.


About Elemica

Elemica is the leading Digital Supply Network for global manufacturing industries. Elemica accelerates digital transformation by connecting, automating, anticipating, and then transforming inter-business supply chain processes for the products they buy, sell, move, and comply. Launched in 2000, customers process over $500B in commerce annually on the network. For more information, visit www.elemica.com.