Elemica: 2018 North American Digital Supply Network for Process Industries Product Leadership Award

Today’s process manufacturers, when adopting a global supply chain operating model, interact with a broad, diverse, and complex set of trading partners (direct material suppliers and logistics service providers for the products they buy, sell, and move) and end customers in the value chain due to increased outsourcing of their business processes, logistics processes, and some manufacturing. As a result, they now need a new level of visibility into every link of the supply chain, which they once fully owned and operated but no longer do. This predicament calls for a platform that connects the process manufacturer’s disparate suppliers, customers, and logistics service providers in a single network.

In addition, digital transformation is rapidly changing the business world, including process manufacturing enterprises. Today’s process manufacturers seek to transform their supply chains by digitizing manual and complex approaches and by introducing seamless business processes (automate the move, buy, and sell transactions) that can be supported by new business models and leverage merger and acquisition (M&A) activities, which is now quite frequent among chemical companies. Under such circumstances, vendors that can offer a modern supply network that will not only connect process manufacturing enterprises and their trading partners but also accelerate their digital transformation are expected to secure leadership positions in the market…

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