DSN and the Value of Collaboration

Public and private collaboration, knowledge sharing, and partnerships are essential

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing its relentless global spread, especially in the United States, where testing remains uneven or unavailable. At this critical juncture, public and private collaboration, knowledge sharing, and partnerships have become essential, as both organic and formal COVID-19 vaccine development efforts ramp up astronomically. According to livescience.com, dozens of clinical trials of COVID-19 treatments or vaccines are either ongoing or recruiting patients. For example, biopharmaceutical drug giant Pfizer and German firm BioNTech are finalizing financial, development, manufacturing, and commercialization agreements.

As top minds across the globe race to co-develop a vaccine and ensure its rapid, efficient distribution, tools like digital supply networks (DSN) prove their value in helping with digital collaboration.  When it comes to pharmaceutical supply chains, DSNs are dynamic and integrated. They incorporate a high-velocity, continuous flow of information and analytics, capturing real-time event and transaction data within the pharmaceutical ERP solution from formulation and raw material suppliers to hospitals, distributors, and pharmacies.

How a DSN can help the “innovation ecosystem” in COVID vaccine development

Global pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, academic researchers, and non-profit organizations will continue to join forces and share critical information over the coming months. They’ll benefit by marshaling their personnel, offering manufacturing capabilities, and sharing drug development expertise. To meet the COVID virus vaccine challenge head-on, they’ll also need digital collaboration and a DSN that:

  1. Improves not only current but future rapid response, increasing their efficiency and speed
  2. Provides easy sharing of information and documentation, so all partners are “working from the same page” and gain visibility into each other’s supply chain
  3. Connects demand with the supply process across distribution channels
  4. Integrates with cold chain technologies to ensure any vaccines that need cold storage and transport are being sourced, stored, maintained, and delivered at the right time in the right place to the right people at the right time and at the right temperature
  5. Helps identify vaccine consumption rates for accurate forecasting and distribution planning and stock balances to correct overstocking and understocking

Learn more about how Elemica’s Digital Supply Network can support the collaboration for delivering and developing the needed supplies of vaccines. It can also enhance product safety and improve visibility of product shipments by providing features like track and trace, electronic proof of delivery, visual route progress, and self-service data enrichments. Or explore how pharmaceutical partners use Elemica to succeed.