Digital Transformation Springs Enterprise Growth

Spring Your Enterprise Growth Using Digital Transformation

Spring is upon us meaning it is the season of new beginnings and growth. It is the season for new flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs growing in our garden and new life surrounds us.

At the same time, process manufacturers are spreading into new geographies, growing and innovating with digital transformation.

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In this webcast, we will help process manufacturers address key questions and identify new approaches to revenue generating initiatives:

  • What are the growth activities and trends in process industries?
  • Why the digital transformation journey is critical for growth?
  • How companies are unlocking new business models of innovation?

Digital transformation for growth takes an inter-business strategy with customers, suppliers, and logistics providers for new revenue generating business models:

  • Digitally Transform your organization with your buy, sell, and move trading partners to support your growth business objectives.
  • Connect for growth and communicate with your suppliers, customers, and logistics providers to drive innovation
  • Automate your inter-business processes with your supply chain partners to expand growth and improve customer service
  • Anticipate and react to inter-business process disruptions early to mitigate risk and continually refine your go-to-markets



Dr. Ing. Frank Jenner
Managing Partner,
Chemical Industry Leader

Simon Hardy
Director, Customer Solutions


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