Digital Supply Chain Transformation & The Imperative for a New Model: Innovating Out of The Economic Shock

23rd of September 2021

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Reach the next level of Supply Chain innovation by developing an end-to-end transformation strategy, managing Big Data and enhancing connectivity across the networks with new technologies

In the time characterized by high volatility, complexity and high technology developments, digitization of the supply chain is an elusive goal – always on the horizon but slow to actualize. For many traditional industries, digital supply chain transformation is still an unknown part of an overall business innovation, the perception is both that a digital supply chain is inevitable, but also that the required inputs are very high.

But in today’s globalized world, the company’s success is no longer dependent on its efforts and investments alone. Today, the digital achievements of the organisation depend on the large spectrum of the aspects influencing both the internal organisational environment and the systemic condition of the market.
This annual cross-industry conference will allow the audience to identify these aspects and adapt to the transformation strategy.

There will be discussions about how to make digitization relevant and impact, and create an autonomous supply chain with artificial intelligence and robotics.

By attending this annual event, you will be able to analyse the trends in the digital supply chain, experience the
impact of new technologies and benchmark how the others get through this digital journey.


Elemica is a sponsor and exhibitor at the 2020 Event.

When: Thursday, September 23
Where: Amsterdam, The Netherlands