Constantly Evolving Regulations Got You Down?

Quality, Reliability, Security of Products

A single aircraft is made up of thousands of parts. These parts come from hundreds of different suppliers. It is the responsibility of Aerospace and Defense (A&D) Manufacturers to assemble these parts and deliver to market a high quality, reliable product.

Recent news headlines have highlighted the disastrous effects that can occur if there is a breakdown along this chain. It is imperative for A&D manufacturers to ensure the sum of their parts follow regulations closely and are always in compliance.

Gaining insight into detailed information on each building block piece is a big challenge. Aerospace manufacturers need visibility into a supplier’s supply chain to better understand and address issues and challenges before an entry into market.

The Elemica Digital Supply Network platform enables A&D businesses to gain visibility into the supply chains of their trading partners.  This includes different tiers of suppliers; original equipment manufacturers (OEMs); maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers; and customers, including airliners and armed forces. Sharing real-time information with suppliers across the network ensures manufacturers will receive a steady flow of quality parts. It also can mitigating the risk of not having enough parts to manufacture and produce.

Each part in A&D equipment must be built to and documented as having met quality standards. With hundreds to thousands of parts that make up this equipment, anything a business can do to ensure the parts used in manufacturing are of the top-most quality will eliminate rework and waste from manufacturing and assembly processes because parts don’t meet specifications.

Using Elemica Quality, manufacturers document processes to ensure certifications can be attained. It seamlessly connects all supplier quality management processes and test results, material specifications and Certificate of Analysis documentation including non-conformances and supplier corrective action requests (SCARs). It also manages audits across the supply chain, so you know where your suppliers stand in terms of compliance.

However, how do you balance the cost of quality issues with the challenge of meeting compliance standards, especially in the age of global competition? You can leverage Elemica BUY for Quality Supplier Management along with Elemica Quality to manage inbound and outbound product quality. Elemica BUY helps ensure that products arrive at the right location at the right time, while balancing inventory and service levels with working capital. The result is a highly connected, automated, and visible supply chain that supports the quality of materials, reduces long lead times, and drives improved cash flow.

Do you have the need to ensure you deliver high quality, in-compliance products to your customers? Then you need Elemica.