Chemical Logistics: Navigating Successfully Through A New Normal

In a highly competitive global environment, staying on top of transportation and logistics challenges is mission-critical

For chemical makers, challenges are formidable and rising. They include lack of customer order visibility, rising transportation cost disproportionate to sales, and operational inefficiencies when coordinating shipments across multiple modes and nations. To achieve success, many chemical manufacturers are turning to digital technologies currently disrupting the industry.
A multi-modal transportation management system (TMS) can digitally optimize and execute the shipment of goods, addressing many of these issues. This webinar answers the following key questions about TMS:
Why is transportation management more critical than ever for chemical companies?
How do you develop the business case for a TMS?
What capabilities should companies look for in a Global TMS solution?
TMS as part of a digital network: What unique benefits does it provide?
How do you successfully implement a multi-modal TMS? Important factors for success?
How do you continue to get value from a TMS after year 1?
Learn from leading Logistics Industry Analyst, Adrian Gonzalez, and General Manager of Logistics from Elemica, Cindi Hane, on how the industry and multi-national clients are addressing these mission-critical challenges.