Chemical Industry: How Sustainable Are Your Green Supply Chain Practices?

Sustainability goals and the impact they could have on your business

Simply stating your chemical business is ‘sustainable’ or ‘green’ isn’t enough anymore. Your customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees want to know how you are sustainable. Are your products sustainable from consumption through disposal or end of life? Are you still using paper in your business processes? These days, removing paper from your enterprise can help you realize savings within your operations while meeting sustainability goals and gaining brand loyalty.

Manual approaches to the chemical industry supply chain and regulatory requirements such as REACH, are costly, time-consuming, and fraught with errors. Automating business processes for sourcing, procurement, order management, inventory, compliance, and logistics streamlines operations, and boosts efficiencies. Electronic purchasing and sourcing, transportation optimization, and shipment visibility are many of the green solutions that can drive sustainability within your organization.

You can lower your carbon footprint and energy usage within your transportation & logistics departments by optimizing inbound and outbound shipments and loads. Ensuring that orders are correct, shipped on time and shipped to the right location in the right quantities produces successful first-time deliveries that lower costs and energy consumption. Elemica MOVE allows companies to book slots/appointments for arrivals or departures, ensuring the right team & equipment are at the dock to facilitate loading and unloading. This eliminates wasteful idling of trucks while waiting to be filled or unloaded, thus lowering energy usage and carbon emissions.

Automating manual processes reduces the usage of paper, which saves trees and other resources, for example:

Since 2004, Elemica has delivered approximately 6.3 billion messages, equating to savings of 2,400 cubic meters of landfill space, 24,000,000 liters of water used in paper production, 26,000 trees, and 278,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Eliminating paper-driven processes saves trees, lessens greenhouse gas emissions, and lowers water and energy usage. For a large global chemical company, Elemica automated their inbound and outbound invoice processing that helped the company improve their supply chain upstream processes, which enhanced the quality of invoice content. The company utilizes Elemica’s Electronic Invoicing solution with EU compliant digital signatures to enable paperless invoicing with European clients. The solution was later rolled out on a global scale with all suppliers and logistics partners, eliminating even more on paper usage. The result is over one million invoices now being processed electronically on an annual basis. The solution also saves this information electronically allowing the client to remove paper-based archiving and storage.

Another Elemica offering – Elemica Quality – automates paper-based processes within quality management operations. Instead of using a detailed internal quality management system based on Lean and Total Quality Management (TQM) processes within manufacturing, Elemica Quality extends the solution to customers and logistics service providers into an entire supply chain quality solution. By providing automated quality proofs during the inbound, production and delivery cycle, companies can ensure compliance, minimize material waste, and effectively save time and money on quality measures.

Have you set sustainability goals for your business and are you reaching them? If not, contact the Elemica Green Supply Chain Practices team to help.